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12-month SaaS sales coaching program for AEs in B2B SaaS companies.

Close More SaaS Deals, Without Feeling Like You're Leaving Money On The Table.

Stop trying to improve your discovery and demo skills with a manager that doesn't have time to coach. Starting winning more sales with a structured sales coaching program that holds you accountable and sharpens your skills.

This structured, 12-month actionable SaaS sales coaching program with up-to-date, proven sales techniques and frameworks will teach you how to win more SaaS deals by improving your discovery, demos, follow up and close. 


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Justin Welsh

"What Mor is doing to help AEs take their sales skills to the next level is incredibly refreshing & unique. If AEs want to be at the top of their game, they need to master discovery, demo, and close. Having access to a sales coaching program like this is a great way to do it."



👎 Burnt out about nearing the end of quarter without hitting quota?


👎 Leaving money on the table for deals that should have won and want to exceed quota?


👎 Losing your prospect's interest during your sales demo?


👎 Struggling to show impact on your demos and feature dumping?


👎 Struggling to get your prospect's true pain in discovery without sounding interrogative?


👎 Don't know how to confidently handle objections on the spot?


👎 Feels like your sales approach is pushy and don't know how to set proper next steps?


👎 Don't have visibility with prospects, champions, and other DMs after your call?


👎 Want more support and actionable advice for your unique deal situations?





1️⃣ Dedicate time for sales coaching and training.

2️⃣ Implement actionable sales strategies.

3️⃣ Get consistent personalized feedback.





FDTC University is a 12-month sales coaching program for SMB, MM, and Enterprise AEs who want to 2X their quota without using high-pressure sales tactics by nailing their discovery, demos, and follow ups.





 How to uncover prospects' true pain with deep discovery & persuade them to sell themselves.


 How to give jaw-dropping demos without using high-pressure sales tactics.


 How to navigate a deal with multiple decision-makers.


 How to build trust and be seen as an industry expert your clients will dream of working with.


✅ How to grow accounts you already have through upselling and cross-selling.


 How to handle objections before they happen.



How You'll Learn.

Live Sales Coaching

Weekly group collaboration calls to strategically help you hit goals. Bring any sales questions or deals you're working and get tactical advice and strategy

Sales Workshops

Live sales workshops where I work with you on all things sales (e.g. crafting your cold email, improving the demo, etc).

AE Support Group

An exclusive AE member community to get or give advice in a safe place as well as have access to me any time.

Unlimited Sales Resources

Access to the famous "Sales Cocktail,"a library of curated sales tips from the top sellers in the world.

Including 4+ hours of short, digestible, and actionable on-demand training, recorded live sessions, downloadable templates, frameworks, scripts, and lifetime free access to all future FDTC courses.


Jen Allen

"Mor is a world-class sales practitioner. He's made a huge impact on my sales deals and it's incredible that he's providing such valuable sales training and coaching for AEs. What salespeople need to move deals forward is betetter discovery, world class demos, and strategic follow ups. I can't think of anyone better than Mor to do that."


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Hi👋, I'm Mor Assouline

At 22, I quit my first sales job because I was scared of sales. 

At 24, I faced my fears and cold called/door knocked as a real estate agent and a telemarketer for Allstate insurance.

At 25, became an AE at a SaaS startup closing over 50% of my demos.

At 26, promoted to VP of Sales, where I hired/trained AEs to close 50-70% of their deals, leading the company to acquisition 4 years later.

From 29-33, was a VP of Sales for 2 other startups, tripling ARR for 1 of them in 12 months, reducing a 75 avg sales cycle to 25 days,  and leading my AEs to a 68% deal win rate for 12 months.

At 34, launched From Demo To Close (FDTC), a SaaS sales training and coaching business helping hundreds of AEs 2X their quota and close more SaaS deals.

Have been featured in the Challenger Sales Podcast, 30MPC, Live Better. Sell Better., Insidesales.com, and a recurring guest on J.B. Sales webinars, Demostack, and Wingman by Clari.

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